Lenovo G480 Bios File

Bios Lenovo G480 All Version

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I have shared Bios file for Lenovo G480 format .bin – This file can use purpose repair your bios or just change the bios IC.

Lenovo G480 Bios File
Lenovo G480 Bios File

Please backup before flashing bios to avoid fail flashing or not compatible bios file, we not guaranted 

How to Flash BIOS Lenovo G480

Use Ufi box or CH341A on this page i will explain with CH341A

  1. Extract the donwloaded bios file
  2. Attach Bios IC to the Programer tool
  3. Open Programmer application CH341A.EXE, Make sure Driver installed properly you must see “Connected” status on bottom right on software like as this bellow, when state not connected please reinstall driver.
  4. Click detect to test Bios IC already detected, when open dialog to select chip please select same with the code in the Body IC
  5. Click read and save the original Bios ROM to your computer, if use new IC skip this step
  6. Now Click Erase to Dellete all file on chip wait until chip erasing is complete
  7. Now click Open and select bios file
  8. Click write to start flashing and wait untill 100% proses complete
  9. Now click verify to check firmware / bios file already same with data on Bios IC, if showing dialog chip main memory and buffer same thats mean succes flashing your bios.

Now Attach the IC to your main board and test…

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