File Bypass Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a (Ugglite)

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Here I share FIx file for bypass Unlock Bootloader XIaomi redmi Note 5a [ Ugglite ], this file can use purpose to bypass redmi note 5a bootloader, using this file you do not waiting for UBL.


Download bypass Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a

# File size: 82 MB

# File Name:

# How to Write: Use UFI Box or Uni Android Tool


  • Qualcom [QD Loader ] =>
  • Pinset
  • File Bypass UBL
  • UFI Box Tool or Uni android Tool
  • USB Cable

How to bypass Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a using this File

# Turn Off your Redmi Note 5a

# Make Test Point

# Open Uni Android and Select QUALCOM – FLASHER – MANUAL FLASH – SELECT MSM8917 load file 1 by one and start write

Cara Bypass UBL Redmi Note 5a

select partation abootbak select file : abootbak test poin lagi dan seterusnya
select partation boot select file : boot
select partation config select file : config
select partation DDR select file : DDR
select partation devinfo select file : devinfo
select partation fsc select file : fsc
select partation keystore select file : keystore
select partation misc select file : micc
select partation modem select file : modem
select partation oem select file : oem
select partation pad select file : pad
select partation recovery select file : recovery 
select partation rpm select file : rpm
select partation rpmbak select file : rpmbak
select partation sbl1 select file : sbl1
select partation sbl1bak select file : sbl1bak
select partation sec select file : sec
select partation splash select file : splash
select partation ssd select file : ssd
select partation tz select file : tz
select partation tzbak select file : tzbak


For better use UFI BOX.

Download File Bypass Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a (Ugglite)

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