Qualcom Driver 32/64 Bit QDloader

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Here I share the QD Loader Driver, this driver is used for flashing purposes on the Qualcom Android Chipset.

This driver will bridge the flashing process when Android is detected in EDL (Emergency download) mode. There is one thing that must be considered in the QD loader installation process. I have provided 2 types of drivers for 32bit Windows and for Windows 64. bit. Please adjust to the Android Operating System that you use.

But there is something to note in the process of installing this driver, if you use Windows 64 Bit, whether it’s Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10, you need to turn off the Driver signature compatibility first.


*- Small file and full auto Installation

*- Auto disable Driver signature but when failed just follow on note at latest post.

How to Install Qualcomm USB Driver => QDloader ?

  1. Doubel click on the QDLoader HS-USB Installation File Driver_32bit_Setup.exe for Windows 32 bit, QDLoader HS-USB Driver_64bit_Setup.exe for Windows 64 bit
    Installing QS HAD Loader for Android Qualcom
    Installing QS HAD Loader for Android Qualcom
  2. Then click next & again Next
  3. Next again and finally click Install
  4. Wait until the last click finish
    Installing Qualcom QD Loader
    When on Installation show Popup same with picture on Bellow, just click Install this driver software anywayInstalling QD loader Driver Signature

Note : when Installing driver succes but Phone still not detected on Your PC please try disable driver signature enfironment and try again installation.

  1. Open your Prompt Command windows ==> Press Windows logo + R  on your Keyboard
  2. type CMD and enter
  3. When command prompt open type bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS and enter
  4. type again bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
  5. Enter dan Restart your Windows PC. try installing the USB DriverDisable Driver Signature on WIndows PC
Budget:$ 4,00

Download Qualcom Driver 32/64 Bit QDloader

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