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Spreadtrum USB Driver Download Manual, Auto & Silent Install

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On this page You will get Spreadrum USB driver, Simple install just Click silent install.bat, Spreadtrum Drivers helps you to connect your Spreadtrum Smartphone or Android Tablets to the computer without the need of installing the adb driver or any other driver package.

Download Spreadrum USB Driver All Version

Support auto and Manual Installation

  • File Name: sci_android_usb_driver_jungo_internal.zip
  • File Size: 4.75 MB
  • Download Link: Download Link 1 & 2

Silent Installation

  • File Name: sci_usb_2_serial_v1.5.0.1.zip
  • File Size: 355.78
  • Version:
  • Download Link: Download Link 3 & 4

Manual and Auto Installation

  • File Name: spreadtrum_usb_driver_20131114.rar
  • File Size: 5.51 MB
  • Download Link: Download Link 4 & 5

How to Install SPreadrum USB driver ?

  • Extract Spreadrum USB driver Downloaded
  • Open DPInst.exe for Auto Installing, Dont forget to Select folder with same your WIndows Operating system 32/64 bit and Click InstallInstalling Spreadrum USB driver
  • For file sci_usb_2_serial_v1.5.0.1 just click Install.bat

Features of Spreadtrum Driver Package

Manual Drivers:

We have managed to share the Spreadtrum manual Drivers, which can be installed manually. You can easily install the Drivers through the Device Manager Menu or by right clicking on the INF file and Selecting Install Option.

Support SPD Flash Tool:

It is compatible with the Spreadtrum Flash Tool (spd flash tool), which is used to flash the stock firmware on the Spreadtrum Smartphone and Tablets or during the package flashing.

Support WriteIMEI Tool:

It supports WriteIMEI Tool which helps you to Write or Flash IMEI on your Spreadtrum Smartphone and Tablets. You may need to install all the 3 available drivers on your computer in order to flash the firmware on Spreadrum Devices.

Support Box Software:

It supports various Box Software including Volcano Box, Miracle Box, Medusa Box, Piranha Box, Infinity Box, Falcon Box which are also used to Flash Firmware and IMEI on the Spreadtrum devices.

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Download Spreadtrum USB Driver Download Manual, Auto & Silent Install

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